Class of 2025

Andrew Lee

Medical School: ​Creighton University School of Medicine

Why VTCEM: ​VTCEM exposes you to an incredible amount of pathology right in the heart of Southwest Virginia. Training here will provide you with all the tools and knowledge to excel in the field of Emergency Medicine. You get this opportunity while working under the stunning backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Dan Doynow

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Graduate School (MPH): The University of Vermont

Why VTCEM:  When I was looking for a residency, my goal was to find a place where I would receive  incredible training, but not sacrifice my quality of life outside of the hospital. It's hard to find high-acuity and large-volume in a mountain town, but Roanoke has it! I have been blown away by the training and supportive faculty we have here.  I could not imagine training anywhere else. 

Zoe Heis

Medical School: ​Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why VTCEM: ​I chose VTC EM because of the because of the acuity of patients that present to the Emergency Department and the wide variety of pathology that we see. The faculty and staff are great mentors and their enthusiasm for teaching is one of the aspects that really stood out to me while interviewing. The resident community at Carilion is second to none. The support I receive from my co-residents is unmatched and I am grateful to be in a program that is truly like family.

Daniel Calick

Medical School: ​West Virginia University School of Medicine

Why VTCEM: ​I chose the program after connecting with Dr. Fortuna during my interview. Here at Virginia Tech, we have a unique opportunity to serve patients from Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Since starting residency, I've been blown away by the strong support I've received from the faculty as well as my co-residents!

Zach Carel

Medical School: ​University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities

Why VTCEM: ​Hey all. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO (Go Cardinals - Go Blues!) I prioritized Carilion during the match because of the unique opportunity it to practice emergency medicine in a variety of settings. Not many programs have their residents routinely rotate through academic, community, and rural hospitals during their training. In my free time I enjoy watching/playing sports, going on hikes, and spending time at home with my wife and pets.

Andrew Brown

Medical School: ​Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Why VTCEM: ​​I chose VTCEM for residency for a few reasons, the main one being that the program faculty and ED attendings were awesome! When I worked with them during medical school and met with them at the EM interest groups, they were always helpful and have strong interests in teaching. I also grew to love the Roanoke area during my time in medical school here, as there is a lot to do if you enjoy the outdoors! The residency program provides ample opportunities to take care of critically ill patients and perform plenty of procedures as well.

Alex Atwood

Medical School: ​Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Why VTCEM: ​What's great about VTC EM is the incredible sense of community, from the outstanding faculty to the friendly residents. The location itself is a gem, offering so many outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and disc golf. We have a personal attachment to this place from our med school days, and it's now where we call home, with Bella, our energetic pup!

Adam Reiss

Medical School: ​Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Why VTCEM: ​I fell in love with the people and location along the interview trail, even virtually. The combination of sick patients from all over the region and a welcoming atmosphere seemed like an ideal place to train, and I haven’t been led astray.

Emily Schaeffer

Medical School: ​​Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why VTCEM: ​I chose VTC because I really liked my interactions with the residents and faculty. Everyone was so welcoming! I also love the mountains and all of the fun adventures this area has to offer.

Kaitlyn McBride

Medical School: ​​Medical College of Georgia

Why VTCEM: ​​I wanted to attend a strong program in the southeast where I would feel supported by the faculty to pursue any interests that I might develop during residency, and it was clear to me through my virtual interactions on interview day that VTC encouraged that. Furthermore, the large catchment area we serve provides an excellent level of pathology to learn from, and we have consistently heard feedback from recent graduates that they felt well-prepared to handle whatever comes through the door as an attending thanks to their training here. The low cost of living and beautiful landscape of Roanoke doesn’t hurt either!

Andrew Blair

Medical School: ​​​Wake Forest School of Medicine

Why VTCEM: ​ When looking for residency programs, the mountains where I was raised drew me back in. I was looking for a program that provided exceptional training while preserving our life outside of the hospital. VTC has done just that and has aided in my personal and professional growth with an unmatched level of respect and humanity. I brought with me two dogs and an ICU nurse that would make anywhere feel like home, but all of us are glad that it’s Roanoke. 

William Taber

Medical School: ​​Florida State University College of Medicine

Why VTCEM: I chose VTCEM not only because of the opportunities to explore amazing hiking and
natural adventures, but also because of its culture of mutual support and excellent training the program offers.  I am able to pursue my goals of incorporating EMS, tactical medicine, and international medical aid with equally as much time exploring and traveling as residency allows.